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New Ultilex release 10.8

Only one month after the last version saw the light, Release 10.8 (August 2010) of ULTILEX is available for download. Due to some technical issues the current version is hosted on SourceForge here.

Some details about the new release:

  • “Slax” is still version 6.1.2 (customized for better user experience),
  • “System Rescue CD” is still version 1.5.8,
  • “Puppy Linux” is still version 5.0.1,
  • “Parted Magic” is updated to version 5.2 and
  • “Tiny Core” is updated to version 3.0.
  • The “KOffice” module is removed from “Slax” to preserve space.
  • “Super GRUB Disk” (Legacy) is a new addition to the compilation.
  • Some of the tools were updated with their most recent versions (“NT Password Viewer”, “Hardware Detection Tool”).
  • The boot menu is reorganized and now looks much better along with the new boot splash screen.

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Ultilex 10.7 released

Ultilex 10.7 releasedAbout one month ago I wrote about Ultilex, a Live-CD or USB Linux distribution that is actually a meta-distribution. Today I received the announcement, that version 10.7 had been released. Ultilex, the Ultimate Linux Experience, allows you to boot one of the following small distros:

  • Slax: version 6.1.2
  • Puppy Linux: version 5.0.1 (upgraded  from 4.3.1)
  • Tiny Core: version 2.11.6 (upgraded  from 2.4.1)
  • System Rescue CD: version 1.5.8 (upgraded  from 1.3.1)
  • Parted Magic: version 4.11 (upgraded  from 4.5)
  • boot.kernel.org (BKO)

You may notice that:

  • Slax is still version 6.1.2 (customized for better user experience).
  • Dev module was removed from Slax to preserve space.
  • Super GRUB Disk was added as a boot entry.

One interesting feature of ULTILEX is that you can install it with ease on USB flash device and save the changes you’ve made durign the live session on it. You can modify files and even install/remove modules and all your changes are saved on the USB flash.

To install on USB flash device, follow these steps (applied from Slax):

  1. Copy all files and folders from the CD to the root folder of your USB flash device.
  2. Execute “/boot/bootinst.sh” (for Linux), or “bootbootinst.bat” (for Windows).
  3. That’s all. You are ready to boot ULTILEX from your USB flash device! 🙂

Download ULTILEX version 10.7  (683MB) | MD5 checksum

Ultilex is still alive

ULTILEX, the ultimate linux experienceThe Ultilex project is still alive, this is the most important news. We were really worried, since the last official live CD image (version 5.0.0) was released on November 7, 2009 and the last post in their forum is from January 05, 2010. The same goes for their LinkedIn group, which does not show any activity either since over 4 months. A bit lazy for such an interesting project, thus we suspected there should be more activity behind this silent project. So we decided to contact the author -Ivan Davidov-, who resides in Sofia (Bulgaria) and asked him about current project activity and ways for adding updated releases to the live CD without having to wait for a new release in the project.

He told us that the project is alive, but due to the slow development of Slax which is used as backbone Linux distribution for Ultilex, he has not updated the releases. He started thinking about moving to Puppy Linux as the backbone distribution, but thinks that this would cause severe impact on some of the usability features. The most noticeable one is that Puppy allows to create a bootable USB flash drive but the way it does it is not compatible with the the current scripts. Therefore he needs to ‘merge’ the two approaches in one. Else many people will abandon Ultilex, since they don’t use CDs but USB flash drives instead.

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