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Filemonitor 2.4.0

FileMonitor monitors the activity of open and closed files/processes in ‘real time’ using lsof, returning them in a list.

Release Notes: The preferences window was improved, and some bugs with handling of preferences xml files were fixed. Recreating some of your existing configurations may be necessary.

Release Tags: Stable, Java, RMI, remote, lsof, Unix, mac, Windows

Tags: System Administration, Monitoring, Network, Internet

Licenses: GPLv3

Original news: http://freecode.com/projects/glsof-filemonitor

wiggle 1.0

wiggle is A utility that applies conflicted patches intelligently. When ‘patch’ fails, wiggle often can succeed by ignoring changes to the original file that are not relevant to the patch. The result should always be reviewed, as wiggle cannot notice semantic changes that are important.

Release Notes: This release adds extensive enhancements to the patch browser, including editing of conflicted parts of the merge, adds a new –ignore-blanks option, improves integration with “git”, and adds many bugfixes and minor enhancements.

Release Tags: Stable, Major

Tags: Text based, software deployment

Licenses: GPL v2 Or Later

Original news: http://freecode.com/projects/wiggle