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Do people understand Server2Go?

Some time ago I wrote an article about Server2Go’s release 1.8.0. The article had little success, compared to the high number of hits other articles I write usually get. When the fix version 1.8.1 was released I really doubted to spend some time writing about it; after all, you write not only to give your thought some form, but also to appeal your readers.

Anyway I’m sitting here, still writing about it. I think, the major problem with this wonderful product is that it is simply too good. It is such a powerful tool, that only few understand, how valuable it is to have a complete web application on a local server, even on your pendrive. The average user hasn’t understood the power of portable apps yet. Until they get to that level of understanding, a portable webserver is still rocket science. Sites like PortableApps.com need to make a lot of effort to show the importance of a pluggable application that does not require any installation at all. The same goes for CD/DVD distributions of dynamically-generated information, PHP+ MySQL web applications, etc. It is still rocket science for the average Windows user.

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Server2Go 1.8.0 released

A new version of Server2Go has been just released after nearly a year (last update was June 2009).

Here is what’s included in  v1.8.0

Updated PHP to version 5.3.2
Updated MySQL to 5.1.46
Updated Apache to 2.2.15
Updated phpMyAdmin to 3.3.3
Improved compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7
Added Sourceguardian Support (installed by default)
Added some more standard PHP extensions (i.e. CURL)
Added more entries to AUTORUN.INF, better handling of USB sticks
Added additional MIME types to HTTPD.CONF
Added the possibility to start EXE-Files during startup and shutdown
Fixed some smaller bugs

You can download the Apache 2.2.15 based version (ca. 45 MB), including PHP 5.3.2, SQLite, MySQL 5.1.46, Perl 5.8 clicking on this link.

For those who never heard about it, Server2Go is an HTTP server that runs on any Windows based computer out of the box without any installation, also on write protected media. This means that web applications based on Server2Go can be used directly from a CD/DVD, a USB stick or directly from any folder on a hard disk without the hassle of configuring Apache, PHP or MySQL.

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