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Verizon Wireless ready for mobile payment service launch

Verizon Wireless accounts will allow users to charge $25 per month over new e-payment system in online purchases. The carrier today announced that the e-commerce payment service, based on services created by Danal Inc. will be launched later this spring. The service will require text messaging-enabled phones, and that purchases be made from Verizon-approved online stores, which include game sites and social networks.

Users will need to click a BilltoMobile button during the checkout process in participating online websites. Users will be asked to input their mobile numbers and mobile billing zip codes for authentication. Once the user is authenticated, a one-time passcode will sent to their phone. The number is then input into the online checkout window. At that point, the transaction is complete and the charge will appear on the customer’s monthly phone bill.

Verizon highlighted the fact that the system means customers don’t have to rely on credit cards. Danal, based in Seoul (Korea) is setting up arrangements with online merchants in the US. Analysts have long wondered how mobile billing will work with U.S. carriers, which can create various conditions, including limits to sites that would be eligible for such a program.

Microsoft courier: too much of a paper logic

After watching the preview of Microsoft’s Courier below, some thoughts came to my mind. First of all, isn’t its interface just a bunch of paper good replicas? Roll-o-decks, notebooks, a little black book with your poems in, OCR for everything you need to input, cut & paste like paper pieces… I personally hate it. Are they going to integrate a pencil sharpener into the GUI too? Bluetooth-scissors with accelerometers to cut some picture in the air? WiFi-Plasticine to connect to your Courier and model 3D-objects?


I really like the gesture-based GUI. I am an early adopter of mouse gestures. I even owned a multitouch pad which I bought from Thinkgeek.com. What I can’t stand from the Courier interface is this abusive analogy to paper stuff, e.g. to a spiral notebook. A deep in analysis of the gesture interface can be found here. Let’s summarize what’s been said about this product; will this product launch follow the classical Microsoft “over-promise, then under-deliver” product philosophy? You bet… promise the moon and deliver a meteorite.

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BlackBerry Bold Tops Radiation Ranking

Data from the Environmental Working Group places the BlackBerry Bold 9700 as the mobile device with the highest legal levels of cell phone radiation among popular smartphones. Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Bold 9700 scores the highest among popular smartphones for exposing users to the highest legal levels of cell phone radiation, according to the latest 2010 Environmental Working Group ranking. Following the Bold 9700 are the Motorola Droid, the LG Chocolate and Google’s HTC Nexus One. The rankings still put the phones well within federal guidelines and rules.

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