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Russian Search Engine Yandex Beats Bing

The Russian search engine Yandex has beaten Microsoft in the search engine rankings, taking fourth place behind Google, China’s Baidu and Yahoo, according to ComScore. The result won’t be encouraging for Microsoft, which will also be disappointed to see Bing behind its partner Yahoo. Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine, has moved up in the worldwide search engine rankings to reach the fourth place, according to the latest data from comScore qSearch. Google still retains a comfortable lead, with more than 62 percent of the market, followed by China’s Baidu with 8.2 percent, Yahoo with 4.9 percent, Yandex with 2.8 percent, and Microsoft with 2.5 percent.

Yandex first entered the top 10 of online services at the end of 2007. It overtook Microsoft for the first time in November 2012, when it processed 4.62 billion search requests versus Microsoft’s 4.48 billion, leaving them both tied with roughly 2.5 percent share of the market. The Russian search engine’s lead widened further in December, giving it a 0.3 percent advantage.

However, Microsoft still attracted 268.6 million unique searchers in December, and Yandex just 74.4 million, which suggests that Yandex aficionados tend to use their search engine more intensively. The growth of Yandex has been underpinned by the rapid growth of Russia’s Internet penetration. “It’s thanks to the Russian audience that the number of Yandex searches grew,” said Yandex spokesperson Tatiana Komarova.

“Internet penetration is still relatively low in Russia and it continues to grow by adding older people and residents of small towns,” she added.

Changes to Google Apps: no more free accounts up to ten users

Google has decided to make things very straightforward regarding their Google for Applications product. Starting today for all new customers:

Individuals wishing to use Google’s web apps like Gmail and Google Drive should create a free personal Google Account, which provides a seamless experience across all of our web services on any device. For Businesses, instead of two versions, there will be one. Companies of all sizes will sign up for our premium version, Google Apps for Business, which includes 24/7 phone support for any issue, a 25GB inbox, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee with no scheduled downtime. Pricing is still $50 per user, per year.

Therefore, no company will get any 50 users for free, as it used to be in the beginning, or the 10 users you got until Thursday.

Please note this change has no impact on their existing customers, including those using the free version. And as before, Google Apps for Education will be available as a free service for schools and universities. Also, as the first cloud productivity suite with FISMA certification, Google will continue to offer Google Apps for Government for $50 per user, per year.

Amazing free cloud services for application developers

This is a list of free services that I discovered. They are all cloud-based and provide specific support for application developers. If you code alone or in a small team, they are totally great and free-as-in-beer. If you plan to upgrade, their services are still inexpensive. The most interesting part is that they allow you to concentrate on your main task -coding-. Continue reading