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Linux Foundation’s Secure Boot Pre-Bootloader Released

The Linux Foundation’s UEFI Secure Boot pre-bootloader for independent Linux distros and software developers has finally been released. Announcing the release of the secure boot system James Bottomley noted that the signed pre-bootloader was delivered by Microsoft on February 6th. Bottomley has released two validated files PreLoader.efi and HashTool.efi.

Bottomley has also created a bootable mini-USB image that provides “an EFI shell where the kernel should be and uses Gummiboot to boot.” Just last week the pre-bootloader had to be rewritten to accommodate booting of all versions of Linux.

Amazing free cloud services for application developers

This is a list of free services that I discovered. They are all cloud-based and provide specific support for application developers. If you code alone or in a small team, they are totally great and free-as-in-beer. If you plan to upgrade, their services are still inexpensive. The most interesting part is that they allow you to concentrate on your main task -coding-. Continue reading

Running Ubuntu and other Linux flavors on an SSD

Ubuntu 12.04 running on SSD OCZ Agility 3 SATA IIIThere are some guides on the internet with tweaks on how to make your solid-state drive (SSD) run faster or last longer in Linux. While researching how to optimize my box to run on a dual approach (SSD for the operating system and SATA for data), I could not find all the information I needed in one single article.

Here is a guide I put together based on my experiences; it is also some kind of check list for my future installations, e.g. in case of SSD crash, which has already happened to me. Since SSDs work so much differently than HDDs, it’s important to make some optimization in Ubuntu for them. SSDs are much faster than HDDs, but have a limited number of writes before they wear out. This makes balancing performance with the life of your SSD also a big concern for how you tune your system. Continue reading