Samsung Reveals The Galaxy Gear, Will Be Available Starting On September 25

Well, there we go ladies and gentlemen. After much anticipation, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is here and at first glance it’s not nearly as strange as some earlier reports made it out to be.

In a brief press address delivered before Samsung’s New York livestream event kicked off in earnest, Samsung Telecommunications America president Gregory Lee very briefly flashed the Galaxy Gear on his wrist. That’s all it took confirm suspicions that the images leaked over the weekend were of a very early version of the wrist-worn gadget.

“I believe it will become a new fashion icon around the world,” said Samsung chief JK Shin, after confirming that the device would let users make and receive calls, notify people about their SMS updates, and snap photos

Now this is all well and good, but there’s still one question Samsung’s little presentation couldn’t answer: what is actually like to use this thing?

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