klish 1.6.6

The klish is a framework for implementing Cisco-like command-line interfaces on Unix systems. It is configurable through XML files. “Klish” stands for “Kommand Line Interface SHell”. The klish is a fork of clish 0.7.3 developed by Graeme McKerrell. The klish has some new features, but it’s as compatible as possible with clish’s XML configuration files.

Release Notes: The SIGPIPE signal behaviour was fixed. Previously, the clish utility ignored this signal, and the ACTION scripts inherited this, so some utilities used within ACTION scripts couldn’t get SIGPIPE at all. Now the SIGPIPE signal handler is set to be the default for the ACTION scripts. The view field of the COMMAND tag is dynamic now; you can use VARs in it.

Release Tags: sigpipe dynamic view

Tags: Shells, clish, XML, cli, shell, framework, fork, cisco, configuration, UTF-8, utf8

Licenses: BSD Revised

Original news: http://freecode.com/projects/klish