i-net Clear Reports 13.1.74

i-net Clear Reports (formerly i-net Crystal-Clear) is a very powerful reporting solution. It can accommodate a broad range of reporting needs, from a simple standalone application to a really big enterprise Web solution. It can produce many different output formats like Java Viewer, PDF, HTML, PS, RTF, XLS, TXT, CSV, SVG, and XML. It can generate reports from many different data sources like JDBC, ODBC, Java API, JNDI Data Source, and without data.

Release Notes: XML and JSON data sources were added. XmlRPC iw now supported with the .NET version. An export dialog was provided for the .NET viewer.

Release Tags: Minor

Tags: Office/Business, printing, Database, Front-Ends, Scheduling, Internet, Web, Dynamic Content

Original news: http://freecode.com/projects/crystalclear