pmcyg 1.1

pmcyg is a tool for creating customized collections of Cygwin packages together with the Cygwin installer. This enables self-contained distributions to be created without having to mirror the entire set of Cygwin packages. For example, it can create a single CD-ROM or DVD from which a personalized version of Cygwin can be installed on machines not connected to the Web. A basic installer can be created in less than 25MB; a full set of Cygwin packages might fill a DVD-ROM; or a selection of packages can be constructed to suit your chosen installation medium. pmcyg will then download these and all their dependencies automatically. pmcyg can be used either as a command-line script or via a simple graphical interface.

Release Notes: Support for switchable x86/x86_64 Cygwin architectures was added. Package lists can now include architectural switches (e.g. to packages not supported on x86_64). The GUI was neatened to include ‘folder’ icons in place of ‘browse’ buttons.

Release Tags: x86_64; Cygwin; GUI;

Tags: Cygwin, CDROM, Offline, installer

Licenses: GPLv3

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