Andrisoft WANGUARD 5.2

Andrisoft WANGUARD is an enterprise-grade traffic monitoring and DDoS detection and protection solution that delivers the functionality NOC, IT, and security teams need to effectively monitor and protect their network through a single, integrated package. WANGUARD Sensor relies on sFlow, NetFlow, IPFIX, or Port Mirroring / SPAN.

Release Notes: Full IPv6 support for the Sensors and for the Filter.
The Filter now supports all decoders. The Filter supports In-NIC hardware filters present in Intel x520 10Gbps network cards. The Packet Analyzer has been extended with auto-stop functions. Console GeoIP support to see the countries of the attackers. The Sniffing Sensor can use native PF_RING functions. IPv4 and IPv6 mask restrictions have been added to BGP announcements. Graphing IP sweeps can be disabled. Numerical Dynamic Parameters can now be obtained in a shorter form. New decoders have been added: Flows (Flow Sensor only), SSH, Youtube, NetFlix, and Hulu.

Release Tags: Major feature enhancements

Tags: Networking, Monitoring, Security, Netflow, iptables, Firewall, IPFIX, sflow, DDoS, Router, switch, IPv6

Licenses: Commercial EULA, Trialware

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