4MLinux 7.0 Game Edition

4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: This is an updated version of 4MLinux 6.1 Game Edition, using 4MLinux 7.0 as the core system. The 4MLinux collection includes, among other things, the following items: classic “shoot’em up” games (Abuse, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and Quake), Liero (a realtime “Worms-like” game), Lincity (a construction and management simulation game), space shooters (XGalaga, Kobo Deluxe), and DOSBox 0.74 with some Freeware DOS games. GNU Chess 6.0.3, Michael Speck’s LGames, and ec64 (a Commodore C64 emulator) are also available.

Tags: Linux distribution, Live-CD, system, rescue, Console, Server, multimedia, Games – Linux, X windows

Licenses: GPLv3

Original news: http://freecode.com/projects/4mlinux