lnav 0.6.0

The Logfile Navigator, lnav for short, is a curses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files. The value added by lnav over text viewers or editors is that it takes advantage of any semantic information that can be gleaned from the log file, such as timestamps and log levels. Using this extra semantic information, lnav can do things like interleaving messages from different files, generate histograms of messages over time, and provide hotkeys for navigating through the file. These features are meant to allow the user to quickly and efficiently focus on problems.

Release Notes: Custom log formats and more builtin formats are now supported. Data can be automatically extracted from log messages. This release some UI improvements and support for 256-color terminals.

Release Tags: Major

Tags: Systems Administration, Database, Logging, Log Analysis, Site Management

Licenses: BSD Revised

Original news: http://freecode.com/projects/lnav