Uber Tip-Skimming Allegations Could Spark National Class Action

Uber has just raised a monster investment round that valued the company at some $3.5 billion. And it looks like some of that cash will have to be earmarked for more legal expenses. The startup, which offers an easy-to-use mobile app for hailing “black car” sedans and other rides, is being sued in federal court over allegations that it’s illegally skimming the tips paid to drivers.

The lawsuit also claims that Uber is misclassifying its drivers as contractors, rather than employees. The upshot: If the federal judge certifies this as a national class action, Uber could be facing millions of dollars in potential damages. Oh, and the lawyer behind it? She’s made a career out of suing companies for exactly these kind of violations.

Original news: http://rss.slashdot.org/~r/Slashdot/slashdot/~3/F6_PvG-UH-g/story01.htm