Stunnix VBScript and ASP Obfuscator and Encoder 4.8

Stunnix VBS-Obfus protects your VBScript code from potential analysis, study, or reworking by
unwanted parties. It’s both an obfuscator and encoder for the VBScript code. It converts the
VBScript in raw .vbs files, or in ASP or HTML pages into a highly obfuscated form, making it
extremely difficult to study, analyse, or reuse, while fully retaining functionality of the original source code. It optionally adds expiration and hostname checking. It has a lot of options to control all aspects of code hiding, and has full support for all syntax constructs. It is designed to be multi-module aware.

Release Notes: Various usability enhancements in Project Manager GUI have been introduced. Configuration of Portable Firefox used for GUI on Windows has been updated. When product fails to run on 64-bit Linux, instructions are shown on how to install 32-bit libraries. Other small improvements have been introduced.

Tags: Internet, Software Development, Code Generators, Compilers, Pre-processors, Utilities

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